Career Coaching/Consultations


Proliphic Career Services offer services to benefit both job seekers and business establishments.
Services include:
Career Coaching
Career Consultations
Speaking Engagements
Career Enhancing Workshops
LinkedIn Profile

Your company and its desire to have healthy and productive employers or students are important to Proliphic also.
Career Coaching: Provide valuable information to the job seeker regarding the avenue to take will job searching and any other details to enhance the career choices.
Career Consultations: Guides companies and internal departments with needs which will best suit their establishment to reach a specific audience or goal
Speaking Engagements: Motivational speaking to keep your employees motivated about what they are doing and driven to want more.
Workshops: Interviewing Skills and Mock Interviews, Career Coaching, Resume writing and Workplace Etiquette.
LinkedIn Profile : Your virtual employment resume visible for the world and most importantly employers to see.

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